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In the Universe there exist 118 elements, all of which can be detected in stars using spectral analysis. These elements exist everywhere, and 94 of them are found on earth. Human beings are formed from just 11 of these, as indeed is all other life on Earth. These elements are dispersed across the universe during Supernova events, where the necessary pressures and temperatures are achieved to fuse lighter elements into heavier ones such as iron, uranium and gold. These cataclysmic stellar explosions literally blast these elements across light-years of space, where ultimately, some of this ‘stardust’ eventually coalesces into planets and other floating debris, through gravitational attraction. We owe our existence to these extreme events of creation and destruction because the very stuff we are made of can trace its origins back to Supernovae. Some will see the hand of God in this abundance of elemental building blocks, others will see physics and incomprehensible time for the Universe and Nature to experiment; either way, life is miraculous and we are indeed, elemental creatures. This is where Eve comes from. This is an original free-hand painting carried out on a Wacom graphics tablet.


Canvas or Acrylic? 

Your commission can be printed onto high quality 100% cotton canvas, stretched over the finest genuine artists stretcher bars complete with stretching wedges ready for you to hang. 

If you prefer ultra-modern acrylic, your painting will be printed using a lavish 12 colour print process. The special photographic vinyl used is skilfully bonded to the reverse of a 10mm super glossy cast clear Perspex panel with flame polished edges.

Something different?

Please contact me for larger sizes of these artworks or to have them printed for: 

Home Living (Towels, Cushions, Mugs, Blankets, Aprons, Sublimation tote bags, Tote bags, Shopping bags, Coasters, Placemats, Tapestries, Pet beds, Wash bags) 

Photobooks (Hardcover photobooks, Softcover photobooks) 

Stationery (Volume postcards, Greetings cards, Volume greetings cards, Wrapping paper, Notebooks & Journals, Calendars, Invitations) 

Clothing (Bodysuits, T-shirts, Tanktops, Polo shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Jackets) 

Device Cases (Standard snap phone cases, Premium snap phone cases, Standard touch phone cases, Premium tough phone cases, Premium clear phone cases, Premium Flexi phone cases, Premium folio wallets, Standard iPad snap cases, Premium iPad snap cases, Apple Watch bands)

Additional information


Acrylic, Canvas


16×12 (inches), 32×24 (inches)

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