355mL Orang-utans on a battlefield with Pepsi cans painting
Acolytes chass board with globes rising painting
After the Fall eve and a snake standing before dead tree
After the Fall
All About Eve naked young woman chained painting
All About Eve
Apocalypsis St Michael in armour with two swords
Ascension transparent pyramid in the desert painting
Consumerism giant mouth eating animals painting
Escape from Eden painting of human heart and animals
Escape from Eden
Event Horizon painting of planet earth being destroyed
Event Horizon
Final Midnight doomsday clock painting
Final Midnight
Foreign Aid. Painting of F35 bombing a child in Yemen.
Foreign Aid
Gaia's Children rotting nuclear sub painting
Gaia’s Children
Global Meltdown man cutting planet earth open
Global Meltdown
Hotel Ozymandias skull, Dormouse and flowers painting
Hotel Ozymandias
Legacy Dolphin leaping through surf and plastic bottles
Oblivious painting - boy staring at smartphone
Out of Hand painting
Out of Hand
Rainbow's End - Dorothy under a Rainbow
Rainbow’s End
Regenesis painting of man drowning in plastic
The Election Rally painting of Mr Potatohead and his followers
The Election Rally
The Reckoning Eagle and Rattlesnake painting
The Reckoning