A brilliant commission

The Frog Jockey frog riding a centipede painting

I enjoy painting all my commissions, but occasionally I get a real challenge. ‘The Frog Jockey’ is one which really stretched me.

The painting of Ragnar’s Epitaph

Ragnar's Epitaph - Viking Long ship painting

Painted back in 2014, Ragnar’s Epitaph brought together a scene near my childhood home (which forever captivated me), and the best preserved example of a Viking long-ship ever unearthed.

Consumerism painting at ChinaFit Festival

Consumerism painting. animals on a conveyor belt

Despite the recent negative image of China, brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a burgeoning animal rights and vegan movement there. Read how the ChinaFit Festival in Beijing reached out to 30m people.

The making of Lagertha – Shield Maiden

Lagertha - Shield Maiden painting of Viking

I thought I’d talk a little about the central figure in this painting, mainly because it took 120 hours to paint her and a mere 8 for the rest of the artwork. ‘Digital’ doesn’t mean ‘shortcuts’!

Mal commission

Malcolm Young Painting with his name in text

It’s surprising how small the world can be sometimes, and occasionally it brings you into touch with the most unexpected people. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect that late in 2020 I’d be painting the late Malcolm Young, the legendary songwriter and guitarist of AC/DC.

Ragnar’s Epitaph selected for book cover

Vikings and the Vikings book cover

Ragnar’s Epitaph is without a doubt, my most commercially successful painting, so it was mind-blowing to be asked if it could be used on the cover of a book, co-authored by Prof. Paul Hardwick.

Out of Hand a winning entry for national contest

Out of Hand painting of hands like trees on a martian landscape

If you’re brave enough, particularly when you’re starting out as an unknown artist in a hugely competitive field, you might want to brave the savage world of international art contests, because it’s a quick way to get noticed.

Nigel Follett interview with Art Models USA

Damara painting

Occasionally I paint nudes, as you’ll have seen around the website. Usually, they are a very good way to convey messages – naked people can either portray vulnerability or power and I’ve used them in compositions that address both situations.